Website is temporarily offline for maintenance. Opus 8

First Evengelical Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas
Pipe Organ Opus 8 


 Manual 54 keys, C1-f54


1. Rohrflöte                 8’                 54 pipes 

2. Prinzipal                  4’                 54 pipes 

3. Oktav                     2’                 54 pipes 

4. Quint                 1 1/3’                54 pipes


All stops divided between c25 and c#26; stops controlled by levers on either side of keys

Natural keys are of bone; sharps are of ebony

Open pipes are cone-tuend; Rohrflöte pipes are tuned by ears and have soldered-on tops

Fumed rift- and quarter-sawn solid white oak cabinet with scroll cut pipe shades

Built-in blower and bellows

Façade cabinet doors included which can help focus the sound

Well-tempered tuning: Kirnberger III