Opus 51: Church, Chapel, or Practice Organ (For Sale)

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Manual I (56 keys)
  • Rohrflöte 8’
  • Prinzipal 4’
  • Octave 2’ (from II-III Mixture)
  • II-III Mixture 2’ (current configuration) or
  • II Cornet 2⅔’ (c25-g56)
Manual II (56 keys)
  • Gedackt 8’ (19 pipes from Manual I Rohrflöte)
  • Spitzflöte 4’
Pedal (30 keys)
  • Bourdon 16’ (30 re-built pipes of wood)
  • I to Pedal
  • II to Pedal
Accessories and Additional Details
  • Bench with height-adjustable blocks.
  • Tremulant
  • Mechanical key action with built-in key desk.
  • Mechanical stop action.
  • Solid mahogany wood cabinet.
  • Lights for console and pedal keyboard are included, if desired.
  • Cut-to-length open metal pipes with cone tuning providing tuning stability.
  • Soldered-on caps for stopped and half-stopped metal pipes providing tuning stability.
  • Tonal finishing (voicing) to be done for buyer’s site and uses.
  • Properly sized bellows and blower.
  • Pipe shades, if desired, to be priced separately.

The builder will provide all the above materials.
The organ is shipped FOB builder’s shop. The buyer will provide transportation costs of the organ to its site.

The complete organ is 1650mm (65”) wide, 2500mm (98 ½”) high, 1680mm (67”) deep (pedal keyboard extends further forward)

Please Contact Us for more information. All offers will be considered.