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"A beautiful organ - it's like a new friend whom one meets!  We have spent several hours together.  I immediately appreciated its action, so supple and musical.  Little by little I discovered the richness of its voicing in the course of building my program.  This evening I can write here that it has become a love story.  I love this organ and I believe it loves me too..."

        Marie Claire Alain.  Paris, France


"This instrument is one of the best organs of its size for performance of church music in Japan.  It can produce the sound of an English cathedral organ for the accompaniment of the choral repertoire as well as it creates French sounds for the performance of French romantic period organ literature.  It can make a smooth crescendo from its quietest sounds right up to full organ, thanks to the careful tonal design and mechanical aids.  Finally it is solidly constructed and should give many years of trouble-free service..."
        Prof. Scott Shaw, DMA,  Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan


"What a pleasure to be here with you on an organ that speaks French almost without an accent.  France is truly here at Pilgrim Congregational Church, and I have so enjoyed your friendly welcome.  Beautiful church, beautiful organ, beautiful reception..."
        Marie Louise Langlais.  Paris, France


"There is no builder I have more confidence in than Dan Jaeckel.  He builds Superb instruments with a marvelous key action...  We have chosen him to build three more organs for the university."
        Prof. James Higdon - Director of Organ and Church Music,  The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


"Speaking of great;  the instrument at the Porter Center for the Performing Arts is superb.  Each individual voice is colorful and lyric, and the ensembles are exciting.  I love the action and I enjoyed enormously getting to know the instrument.  Congratulations on such a stunning achievment."
        Prof. Gerre Hancock,  University of Texas, Austin, TX


"I have a great deal of experience with the finest historical organs in Europe and America and the best 20th century instruments.  It is from this experience that I speak so highly of Dan Jaeckel and his work.  He is clearly among the outstanding organ builders of our time."
     Joan Lippincott,  Head, Organ Dept., Westminster Choir College,  Princeton, NJ


"I write to express my joy and gratitude for your magnificent achievement in this organ.  Words are simply inadequate to express fully the glorious revelations of the afternoon with the Jaeckel organ.  My students and I have been deeply enriched by the experience."
        Prof. George Damp, Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, Appleton, Wisconsin


"In the able hands of Jaeckel, Inc., an instrument has been crafted that renders an amazingly broad spectrum of organ literature with remarkable authenticity.  St. Paul's choir program, firmly rooted in traditional Anglican choral literature, enjoys a fulfillment in it accompaniment that was never before possible.  Visiting organists have universally praised the instrument...  Daniel Jaeckel has succeeded in creating an instrument of great power and beauty that more than met our expectations."
        James Martell, St. Paul's Organist


"This is a magical instrument of great color - an organ on which my music sings!"
        Daniel Pinkham, Composer


"To Dan Jaeckel:  This organ is a masterpiece.  Congratulations!  BRAVO!"
        Prof. James David Christie,  internationally acclaimed organist