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Pipe Organ for Sale

A New Continuo Pipe Organ


1. Gedackt 8’ 51 wood pipes

2. Spitzflöte 4’ 51 wood pipes

3. Principal 2’ (Façade) 51 metal pipes



  • Transposable down ½-step from ~440
  • Mechanical key action
  • Mechanical stop action
  • Naturals of boxwood; sharps of grenadil
  • Solid rift and quartered white oak wood cabinet.
  • Infinitely-adjustable music rack
  • Cabinet includes internal bellows and blower.
  • Pipe shades, ambulance if desired, ed to be priced separately
  • 4-wheel dolly included
  • Lifting handles included
  • Weight: >400lbs.

Current price: $55, drugs 000

The builder will provide all the above materials.
The organ is shipped FOB builder’s shop. The buyer will provide transportation costs of the organ to its site.

NOTE: This is a sister organ to our Opus 53A shown in photo

Please Contact Us for more information.