Below are some sound bytes of the many CDs recorded on Jaeckel organs.

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  Opus 45 

Joseph Jongen (Timothy Albrecht):  Toccata Op. 81 (Moto Perpetuo)

  Opus 45 

Johann Pachelbel (Timothy Albrecht):  Ciacona in f minor

  Opus 45 

Samuel Scheidt (Timothy Albrecht):  Echo ad manuale duplex

  Opus 9 

J.S. Bach (David Schrader):  Adagio in C major.

  Opus 9 

J.S. Bach (David Schrader):  Toccata in D minor.

  Opus 11 

Jehon Alain (James Higdon):  Litanies.

  Opus 40 

F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy (David Schrader):  Sonata #6

  Opus 7 

J.S. Bach (Richard Heschke):  Fugue in G major.

  Opus 13 

Charles-Marie Widor (Thomas Froehlich):  Symphonie Gothique